Artist: Hoxxoh, Photo: by Edel Mohr

SHINE 2022

Returning for its eighth year, October 14-23, 2022, the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival will once again ignite the City of the Arts with a diverse collection of public art from renowned local, national and international mural artists. The festival, which has received widespread international attention, is an outdoor art exhibition aimed at celebrating art for art’s sake.  During SHINE, 18 new murals including 3 community Bright Spot murals and 2 painted vehicles will be added to the art districts and surrounding neighborhoods of St. Petersburg’s downtown. Artists will be working throughout the week to complete their mural before the SHINE Grand Finale.

This year we are featuring: 

THIRTEEN Local Artists! 

• Jeff Williams, St. Petersburg; Dream Weaver, St. Petersburg; Van Der Luc, St. Petersburg; Ashley Cantero, Tampa; Egypt Hagan, Tampa; Sydney Prusso, Dunedin; Tasko, Clearwater; Jason Harvin, Tampa; Chad Mize & Friends, St. Petersburg; Alyssa Marie, St. Petersburg; Vitale Brothers, St. Petersburg; Nneka Jones, Tampa; Amy Ilic-Volpe, St. Petersburg

Four National Artists:

• 123Klan, Los Angeles; Imagine, Nepal/Boston; Reginald O’Neal, Miami; Baghead, Miami 

Four International Artists!

• James Bullough, Germany; Mad C, Germany; Ben Johnston, Canada; Marina Capdevila, Spain

In addition to the creation of 18 murals, six of those local artists will be participating in a Bright Spot Community Project!  These community projects are an opportunity for artists to interact and create a work of art with community members. This establishes a sense of fellowship that results in community pride, belonging, beautification and safety that all leans towards health and well-being…an artful gesture of love.

SHINE Mural ActivitiesShine Mural Festival Activities

• October 14-18: Bright Spot Community Project “Wild Ride” in partnership with the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Alyssa Marie, St. Petersburg is back with another community paint-by-numbers mural, in partnership with and sponsored by the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The organization is commissioning 50 murals across the state of Florida to raise awareness for its important work protecting wild Florida. The community is invited to help paint the mural located at St. PetersBark, 3001 Central Ave from October 14-18. 

• October 14: Opening Reception “The Female Gaze” - of A lovingly haunted collection of new works by Perry deVick & Summer Elaine Hu at Mize Gallery from 7-10pm.

• October 15: Morean Arts Center Reception featuring Good Intentions by Tes One and Comes with the Territory: Local Shine Artists from 5-8pm.

• October 15: CARMADA '22: Street Carnival. SEE Live Art Car Painting, PAINT on the NOMAD Art Bus, MAKE your own Mini Art Car & MORE outdoor fun from 10am – 3pm in Childs Park!

• October 15: Bright Spot Community Project “Crossway Crux”. Jason Harvin (Wayward Walls), Tampa will be painting an asphalt intersection mural in Childs Park to help kick off the 8th annual SHINE Mural Festival. Located at 11th Ave South & 46th Street South near the Childs Park Rec Center, the mural is designed to help reduce speed and increase safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The mural will be painted Saturday, October 15th in conjunction with the Carmada Street Carnival from 10am-3pm at the rec center. 

• October 15: Bright Spot Community Project Carmada Art Car. Nneka Jones, Tampa will live paint a vehicle at the SHINE kick-off event hosted by Carmada. The Carmada Street Carnival features live painting, a show of past art cars, interactive painting with the Nomad Art Bus, family friendly art activities plus food and drink. The event will take place outside of the Childs Park Rec Center, 4301 13th Ave South.  

• October 18: Sketch Night with Sketchbook Project – Morean Workshop Space from 7-9pm. Bring a sketchbook (or purchase one) and come draw with SHINE artists! Learn more about the Sketchbook Project and check out some of the artist sketch books from their massive library.

• October 20: It’s an Art, Not a Science: Collecting Great Art – Bayboro Brewing from 7-9pm. Join us for an engaging conversation about how to start your own art collection. The panel features a dynamic group of artists and collectors, moderated by the Museum of Fine Art's Margaret Murray.

• October 21-22: Bright Spot Community Project “We are St. Pete” Trail Community Project. Chad Mize & Friends, St. Petersburg and a select group of local artists and community groups will be repainting the concrete barricades along the Pinellas Trail near 20th Street South. Sponsored by the City of St. Petersburg, this project will take place October 21-22. 

• October 22: Shine Grand Finale 2022. VIP: 7-8pm General: 8-11pm. Close out another vibrant year at the brand new Morean Workshop Space (2025 3rd Ave S) in the Warehouse Arts District. The finale will feature custom installations from Miami artist Baghead with live painting and performances from Tampa artist Emily Tan, digital installations from Brian Nichols, Stephen Palladino, Acute Perception and YUNGBLD, live screen printing with WOVE and more. This event is free for all to enjoy. One night only. Food trucks, beer and wine available.

• Bright Spot Community Project “Rise and Shine” at Parc Center for Disabilities. Vitale Brothers, St. Petersburg. Inspired by their late Aunt Nancy, the Vitale Bros will be donating a three-story residential mural to Parc, a non-profit organization serving children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

• Bright Spot Community Project Color Wheelz, in partnership with Polaris Slingshot. Amy Ilic-Volpe, St. Petersburg will transform the three-wheeled vehicle with her stunning bright colors and patterns. The one-of-a-kind Slingshot can be seen at various SHINE events including the Carmada Street Carnival on October 15 and the SHINE Finale on October 22. Known widely for its stand-out styling, the Polaris Slingshot is often viewed as a blank canvas, as many owners customize their ride and utilize it as a vehicle of self-expression. With a notable owner’s community in St. Pete and a commitment to the arts, SHINE is proud to partner with Polaris Slingshot for the second straight year. 

For artist bios, the 2022 map of murals, Bright Spot project information and full event details, visit

About SHINE®

The annual SHINE® St. Petersburg Mural Festival illuminates the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue, and uniting our community—while cultivating new standards of artistic excellence reflecting St. Petersburg's creative and vibrant spirit. By using the walls and streets as canvas, SHINE transforms our shared spaces into a world-class outdoor gallery featuring top contemporary local, national, and international artists. Produced by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, SHINE has created more than 100 murals throughout downtown and the surrounding arts districts since 2015. 


The SHINE® Mural Festival is the first in the world to have an accessible audio tour and the technology to instantly connect mural viewers to online content via PixelStix. This interactive technology is now being used by other mural organizations nationwide. 

The SHINE® Mural Festival takes place every October. Follow SHINE on Facebook & Instagram at @ShineOnStPete for event updates!

2022 Map - Downloadable PDF


Explore the SHINE Festival Murals

James Bullough2022


Ben Johnston2022


Marina Capdevila2022


Reginald O'Neal 2022

Van Der Luc2022

Jeff Williams2022

Dream Weaver2022

Sydney Prusso2022

Ashley Cantero2022

Egypt Hagan2022



Nneka Jones2022

Amy Ilic-Volpe2022

Jason Harvin2022

Vitale Bros2022

Chad Mize2022

The Happy Mural Project2022

Greg Mike2021

Mwanel Pierre-Louis2021

Jenipher Chandley2021

Case Maclaim2021

Jared Wright2021

Bakpak Durden2021

Nicole Salgar2021

Ricky Watts2021


Woes Martin2021

Jason Harvin2021

Miss Crit2021

Michael Fatutoa2021

Emily Ding2021

Reid Jenkins2021

Aurailieus Artist2021


Leo Gomez2021

Ya La'Ford2021


Chad Mize 2021

Brain Storm2020

Brian Butler2020

Lili Yuan2020

Happy Mural Project2020


Tatiana Suarez2020

Elle LeBlanc2020

Mason Schwacke2020

Alex Yanes2020

Kenny Coil and Marc Berenguer2020

Nneka Jones and Bianca Burrows2020


Cecilia Lueza2019

George Rose2019

Morning Breath2019

Vitale Brothers2019

Cory Robinson-CLEAN Campaign2019


Taylor White2019


Princess Smith2019

Brian McAlister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Club Members2019

JR-Inside Out2019

Paola Delfin2019

Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese2019

Drew Merritt2019

Low Bros2019

Jay Hoff2019

Taj Tenfold2019

Leo Gomez2019


Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie2019

David Charlton2019

Todd Frain and Creative Clay2019

Haider Ali2018

Ya La Ford2018

Gibbs Rounsavall2018

Angela Faustina2018

Bekky Beukes2018

LOOK The Weird2018


Melanie Posner2018


J and S Signs2018

Sarah Page2018

Nomad Clan2018


Cecilia Lueza2018

Matt Kress2018

Michael Vahl2018

Noirs One2018


Justin Wagher2018


Matthew Hoffman2018


Joram Roukes2017

Jose Mertz2017

Stephen Palladino2017

Yok and Shero2017

Herbert Scott Davis2017


Lauren YS2017

Mikael B2017

ZuluPainter and Thirst2017

Axel Void and L.E.O.2017

Suarez Art2017


Daniel "R5" Barojas2017

Sam Yong2017

Ali Vasquez and Todd Frain2016

Angela Delaplane2016


Arlin Graff2016

Pep Rally Inc.-The CLEAN Campaign2016

Daniel Mrgan2016

Pixel Pancho2016

Michael Reeder2016

Alex Pardee2016

Cecilia Lueza2016





Dasic Fernandez2016


Mark Gmehling2016

Ya La Ford2016

Ink Werkz Crew2016

Andrew Spear2015

Chad Mize, James Oleson and Pinellas County Center for the Arts2015

Erik Jones2015



Michael Vasquez2015

Shark Toof2015

Morning Breath2015

Ricky Watts2015


Carrie Jadus2015


Greg Mike2015

Tes One and Palehorse2015


Ya La Ford2015

Carrie Jadus2015

Vitale Brothers2015

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