Tatiana Suarez

About Tatiana Suarez

Based out of: Miami, Florida
Born and raised in Miami, Tatiana Suarez’s work draws you into a surreal, creamy, and ethereal world filled with doe-eyed figures ornamented by unexpected colors and elements.

On both canvas and walls, Suarez’s work is rich with symbols from her Brazilian and El Salvadorian heritage, juxtaposing the beautiful with the exotic to create enchanted narratives. The natural mythology and folklore from her respective parent cultures influence her work, from the indigenous face paint and adornment used to the rich and tropical color palettes of the South American landscape. Tati is a headlining muralist, having participated in Sea Walls projects around the world and other notable festivals like POWWOW!

Artist Statement

My mural is inspired by two local Floridian species who are at risk: mangroves and manatees. Mangroves are tropical trees found along salty, coastal waters. They are vital to both marine life and local communities. Mangrove forests provide storm protection to coastal communities. They act as buffers toward storm surges and help with erosion. These ecosystems are also a critical solution in the fight against climate change as they can be up to 10 times more efficient at absorbing and storing carbon long term. Most importantly, they create critical habitats and nurseries for various species of marine life, one of which is the manatee. Manatees face numerous threats such as boat collisions, habitat loss, and harmful algae blooms. I painted this mural to bring some love, color, and appreciation to St. Pete and to help bring awareness and promote mangrove conservation and regrowth.

About the Mural

Miami visual artist Tatiana Suarez’s mural is on the topic of mangroves and manatees. This mural is sponsored by Ocean Conservancy.

Suarez is known for her ethereal feminine creatures, brought to life in pop surrealist style.

Her work has been featured in galleries across the country, including San Francisco’s Spoke Art. She’s collaborated with brands like Reebok and L’Oreal. Her murals can be found all around the world.

Title: Mangroves & Manatees

Address: 250 2nd Ave SE

Building: St. Petersburg Sailing Center

Installation Date: 2020