2019 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Taylor White

Grants for Students Studying the Performing, Visual and Literary Arts

Helping Young Artists Grow

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is honored to offer Funding Futures, a grant program for student artists in our community with families that have documented financial need. Students who aspire to be exceptional musicians, actors, writers or visual artists are often faced with fierce competition and financial difficulties that prevent many from pursuing an artistic field.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance’s Funding Futures Student Award program is designed to identify and encourage talented low-income emerging artists ages 10-17 in Pinellas County, seeking St. Petersburg programs in dance, music, jazz, voice, theater, digital arts, writing, photography, cinematic arts, visual arts, or literary arts. 

The program is open to all talented artists regardless of ethnic or social background or ability/disability. Applications are judged by a committee of arts professionals and arts instructors.

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Since 2017

The Funding Futures Arts Summer Camp Program launched in April 2017 and has provided many students the opportunity and the experience to attend camps that offer dance, theatre, writing, film, visual arts, and even pointe shoes for young ballerinas!

Donations can help build and uplift the Funding Futures Grant Program. Your gift will help a young artist advance their skills, hone their talents, and pursue an artistic future. Click here to donate!

Funds may be used for:

  • Tuition for summer or after-school arts programs, either virtual or in-person
  • Musical instrument rental, purchase, or repair
  • Dance shoes, music books, and art supplies.
  • Individual instruction or master class tuition

Guidelines for Students and Arts Organizations


Looking for a Summer Arts Camp? 

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“It benefited her in so many ways but I think the biggest was by increasing her confidence and love of herself. You are building a community based on inclusiveness and love and that is important everywhere! I really can't say enough good things. I cannot believe what a positive impact a weeklong camp had on her. And the concert was absolutely amazing for them!” 

– Clara's mom after daughter attended Girls Rock Camp

"Brooke had very low confidence in her abilities and covered it up with jokes and laughter aimed at herself. She grew in self-confidence, self-awareness and performance quality." 

– Academy of Ballet Arts

This has been a fantastic experience for them.  It opens up doors that otherwise would never have been experienced and hopefully they can take this into middle and high school so they have opportunity in life.

– M.S., guardian to siblings taking acting, music and art classes

She has become an entirely different child in the last two years, developing a self worth, confidence in her talent and developing an actual social life.  So much so that she has made friends and can’t wait to start at PCCA with her like-minded theater people this fall.  Just overcoming the everyday tears would have been a great accomplishment but the self-worth she’s found is 1000x the quality of life she had before.  Participating in this musical would be a great gift to her and I appreciate your consideration.

– Jocelyn S – Grade 9

Brandon shared with us at the end of summer ceremony that the experience gave him growth in confidence and public speaking.

– Brandon E. – Grade 7

Deshawn had some huge improvements during the Summer, overcoming his fear of addressing his peers in the room, to leading his peers through creativity with script writing and drawing out sets and plans

– Deshawn N. – Grade 11