Art-Wrapped Kahwa Coffee Canisters

The Art Wrapped Coffee Canister Project is a collaboration between the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance and Kahwa Coffee. Net proceeds of the sale of the canisters benefit the St. Petersburg Arts Endowment at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay! 100% of the net proceeds will be helping artists and art organizations! 

These retro canisters are extraordinary since they will all be wrapped with beautiful and unique designs by local artists. SPAA and Kahwa Coffee will be releasing new canisters with every season! Cans are filled with Kahwa signature blend Sirocco - whole or ground beans, which is a medium-dark blend and has notes of dark cherry and honey.  

You can support the St. Pete Arts Endowment by purchasing these limited edition canisters online and at any of the Kahwa stores in our area.  Limited edition art wrapped coffee canisters make great gifts for employees, friends and family and at $24.99 each, how can you resist?!!! Customers can bring an empty can back to any café and refill it with any coffee for $10.  


“We are thrilled to be partnering with SPAA and look forward to the future collaborations with artists in community. We are fervent supporters of the arts in St. Petersburg.”  ~ Sarah Perrier, co-founder of Kahwa Coffee.

September 2023 – Carrie Jadus

A lifelong Tampa Bay area native, Carrie Jadus is a versatile and accomplished artist who works primarily in oils. Best known for her figural and landscape paintings that range between realism and impressionism, Jadus is also recognized for her local murals “Awakening Bodhisattva” next to St. Pete’s Dog Bar, and “Last Call” at the Grand Central Brewhouse, among others. In recent years Jadus has also expanded into designing and collaborating on a number of large-scale sculptural works. She maintains a studio at Soft Water Gallery in the Warehouse Arts District, St. Petersburg.  Find out more about Carrie.

“I think this is what a can of sunshine looks like.” ~Carrie Jadus


June 2023 – Frederick “Rootman” Woods

Art Wrapped Coffee CanisterFrederick “Rootman” Woods is a Florida native who grew up in the small North Florida town of Hampton, is the third artist on the Kahwa Coffee Art Wrapped Canister.  From an early age he loved to draw and taught himself by studying the technique of the Old Masters’ paintings.  Over time, his own unique approach to art emerged, one that combines many different styles with a modern twist.

“This is one of my relationship pieces. One day you decide that the past does not serve you anymore. The frayed rope around the heart represents how long you've been holding onto the pain until you decide to let it go. As you free yourself, you recreate yourself from a new space in your life. You are now a new person. The window is your soul, and the ladder represents the person who wants to know you. Sometimes your window opens to new beginnings; other times, not so much. When you eventually decide to let someone in, they can see the true you. The balloon represents your higher self, where souls connect and soar on a much higher level,” states Fred, about his canister design.


Glenyse Thompson Kahwa Coffee CanisterFebruary 2023 – Glenyse Thompson

Glenyse Thompson is the second artist on the Kahwa Coffee Art Wrapped Coffee Canister!  Glenyse creates contemporary art for collectors, art lover's, interior designers and commercial applications. Inspired by people and conversations, her work combines a vibrant use of colors and textures, conveying the exuberant connections we have with each other and our environments.



Chad Mize Kahwa Coffee Art CannisterNovember 2023 – Chad Mize

Chad Mize, a St. Pete favorite was the first artist selected for the Kahwa Coffee Art Wrapped Canister. Chad Mize is a multimedia artist, designer and muralist residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. With a love for past and contemporary culture, he takes a humorous, tongue-in-cheek approach to his designs, which include playful doodles, colorful patterns, political art and graphics with text. Mize’s work is held in numerous private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.