Rhys Meatyard

About Rhys Meatyard

Based out of: St. Petersburg, FL
Rhys Meatyard is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer living and working from their home studio in Historic Roser Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. While committed to creating and showing art, they also split their time working as a freelance artist and illustrator, art director of a New Jersey design studio, and creative director for a small independent record label.

Artist Statement

For my mural, I wanted to do something hopeful and bright, and the color palette reflects that intent. I took inspiration primarily from classical art and 70s prog rock album covers. I am a big fan of Roger Dean - the artist behind covers for bands such as Yes and Uriah Heep - and borrowed some of his themes for this piece. In the foreground, you see two statues in a colonnade, and as your eye moves across the piece into the mid and background, you become aware that the land and temple are breaking apart, with parts floating off into the sun. Th furthest statue has awakened and is stepping off of her base, gazing into the sun. Although the context - the solid ground she has been standing upon is breaking apart - should be frightening, she is looking into the light and moving towards her new existence. This is a metaphor for the process of being reborn in the breaking we all face in our lives, for waking up to the beautiful and terrifying reality of self, and becoming another thing and venturing into the unknown.

Spatially, the piece unfolds for you as you round the corner approaching it. Your first view is of the static statues, and as you come closer, the rays of sunlight draw you in to the rest of the scene. There is not much room to stand back from the piece, so you are forced to confront its magnitude up-close, pulling you into the world in which it exists.

About the Mural

Title: Breaking Free

Address: 2210 1st Ave S

Building: The Werk Gallery

Installation Date: 2023