Kelly Quinn

About Kelly Quinn

Based out of: St. Petersburg, FL
Growing up as an artist at the edge of the Everglades headwaters, Kelly is passionate about protecting Florida's natural ecosystems and developing creative avenues that support environmental education. As the Art Director for Canvas of the Wild, she creates large-scale murals and educational displays, as well as raphics, animations, and book illustrations that communicate science to our community.

Artist Statement

Mangrove Connections is an interactive mural that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act by highlighting St. Pete’s mangrove forests and the abundance of wildlife that depends on this keystone habitat, including the endangered smalltooth sawfish. Once complete, viewers can learn about each species in the mural through the interactive

About the Mural

Title: Mangrove Connections

Address: 2553 1st Ave N

Building: LPL Financial

Installation Date: 2023