Andrea Wan

About Andrea Wan

Based out of: Canada
Andrea Wan is a Hong Kong-born, Vancouver-raised Visual Artist and Illustrator who has spent 8 years living in Berlin while exploring various global destinations after completing her studies in Vancouver and Denmark. She perceives her practice as a vessel for her stream of consciousness, allowing what needs to emerge. Her narratives often take on an otherworldly quality that reflects her inner world map and emotional states. With a diverse body of work encompassing ink on paper, murals, digital media, and sculptures, she delves into themes relating to nature and the intricacies of the human psyche. These topics have continuously fueled her creative practice in recent years. Andrea’s works have been exhibited across Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. She is currently residing in Vancouver, BC.

Artist Statement

The mural "Earth Song," speaks to the deep connection and balance of life on our planet. It is an invocation to approach this world with humility and reverence in this era of dissonance, and a reminder that we are part of a larger, shared world and intricate ecosystem. It's a call for unity and a greater appreciation for the world that surrounds us.

About the Mural

Title: Earth Song

Address: 155 17th St S

Installation Date: 2023