Dasic Fernandez

About Dasic Fernandez

Based out of: Chili
Born in Chile, Dasic Fernandez was lining the streets of Santiago in graffiti art till eventually moving to New York City, the spiritual home of both street art and hip hop. Celebrated internationally on lists of “Street Artists You Should Know,” Dasic is known for his figurative forms using bold colorways. His murals decorate urban landscapes from Miami to Detroit to New York.

About the Mural

This mural by Dasic Fernandez is found at 1720 Central Avenue, on the the east side of the building, facing 17th Street.

This striking mural is a woman’s chest and head awash with rain. She holds her arms up and spreads them wide to receive the raindrops. Her arms take up most of the long black building, 90 feet wide by 17 feet high. Her face is tilted up to feel the multicolored rain and her eyes are closed in ecstasy.

The mural is vivid and joyful. Her eyes are closed. Her skin and hair are dripping with blue, purple, magenta, orange, green and gold. Her sleeveless shirt is pale translucent blue, in contrast to the rich colors of her body and the colored raindrops falling from a black sky. She’s sparked with gold, as if bright sun is shining on her even in the rain.

White clouds float above her, with white puddles on the bottom of the mural. Near each of her shoulders, a hummingbird flies. The bird on the left is sipping a colored raindrop as it falls onto her shoulder.

Dasic Fernandez was born in Chile, but now works in New York. He’s celebrated internationally on lists of “Street Artists You Should Know.”

This striking mural stands out, on a nondescript corner of Central Avenue with parking lots on all four corners.

If you’re facing this mural, on your left is a small building with a pink patterned wall and a huge man’s head lying down, half face and half skull. It’s Michael Reeder’s mural, Beneath the Shell. Just around the corner from this giant head is a third mural, the colorfully comic cartoon called, A Picnic With Daniel Mrgan (“MER-gan”).

Title: Multicolored Lady

Address: 1720 Central Ave.

Building: FRSTTeam by Rogers

Installation Date: 2016