Michael Vasquez

About Michael Vasquez

Based out of: St. Petersburg/Miami
Michael Vasquez was born in St Petersburg, Florida in 1983. He attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL, where he graduated with a BFA in 2005. He is most recognized for his figurative paintings and portraiture that explore identity and the cultivation of community and belonging amidst an inherent social disposition of broken homes and marginalized neighborhoods.

Artist Statement

A displaced Lao family (and friends) find refuge and a moment of reflection amidst the mangroves of Tampa Bay’s Gandy Beach.

A 1978 Datsun 280Z serves as a centerpiece and point of pride, fusing together car culture and masculinity. Similar aspects of clothing and style signal togetherness, emulation, and a shared sense of identity—yet their solitary gazes set them apart from one another and allude to a deeper and more personal past, present, and future…

About the Mural

Title: The Mangrove Refuge (The Vorasane Family and Friends; Gandy Beach circa 1980)

Address: 2063 Central Ave

Building: Little Philly

Installation Date: 2023