Hannah Eddy

About Hannah Eddy

Based out of: Nevada
Hannah Eddy is an artist and muralist based in Reno, NV best known for her colorful, bold, and imaginative work. Her art encourages an appreciation for nature, connection, and community. She is influenced by the expressive graphic style and free-thinking approach of the skateboard/snowboard/surf culture that she grew up immersed in. Through her paintings, illustrations, and murals she aims to help inspire her fellow humans to pick up a board, hop on a bike, feel the wind, laugh at stuff, appreciate the funkiness in nature, or to just give a hoot about each other and our planet.

Artist Statement

This mural is not only a celebration of local Florida flora and fauna but it also highlights the ability we all have of bringing brightness and color into the world in our own individual ways. The pelican in the design represents an ode to the “Peace Dove” and as it flies its flow brings colors into the scene. I wanted to create a positive, lighthearted, and welcoming piece to match with the goals of CASA (a domestic violence center) which the mural is on. I hope having a sign that brighter days are ahead will help make people feel a little bit better in this tricky world we live in and remind us that we are all in this together.

About the Mural

Title: With Flying Colors

Address: 1019 Arlington Ave N

Building: CASA Support Center

Installation Date: 2023