Melanie Posner

About Melanie Posner

Based out of: St. Petersburg
Fine Arts graduate from the University of Tampa, Melanie is best known for painting photo-realistic women with beautiful blends of the rainbow. Her signature style using vibrant colors and mixed media bring an immersive and striking aspect to her work. Her portraits can be found all around the Tampa Bay Region, in galleries and local businesses.

About the Mural

This mural by Melanie Posner is titled, New Beginnings.

The address, 4139 7th Terrace South, will get you close. This is one of several murals just North of that building, facing the Pinellas Trail.

23 feet high and 65 feet long, the mural takes up three-quarters of the wall, from right to left. The section of wall to the left of the image, is black.

The mural is a realistic but idealized portrait of a woman from the neck up. She’s laying on her right side so the top of her head is on the left and her chin points to the right.

Her long, elegant face is framed by bright red hair, and a ring of daisies. Her bright blue eyes are open, with finely-detailed red eyelashes. She’s looking straight at the Pinellas Trail.
Her rich red lips are slightly parted, revealing a row of white teeth. Her face is detailed and shaded in the realistic tones of a redhead’s skin. Her left hand is yellow, resting on her left shoulder. Her right hand is yellow with fingers fading into deep red. It covers the right side of her face, with her eye peeking through the fingers. Her bare neck is darker and shadowed, reaching toward the right edge of the wall.

Sadly, this mural was vandalized not long after it was painted, with graffiti and profane words sprayed over it.

Posner is a fine arts graduate from the University of Tampa. Her portraits can be found around Tampa Bay, in galleries and businesses.

“I started creating lively and independent women so I could be inspired by their strength, confidence and qualities. Painting in vibrant colors fills me with happiness and brings the women I paint to life.

“They are full of energy and striking to the eye. With this, I want the viewer to embody self-love and acceptance. I want them to feel as colorful and striking as the painting itself.”

Title: New Beginnings

Address: 4139 7th Terrace S

Building: Pinellas Trail

Installation Date: 2018