About Hoxxoh

Based out of: Miami, Florida
Miami-based street artist and muralist, Hoxxoh is widely known for his colorful and abstract designs. All done freehand, Hoxxoh’s hypnotic waves and circular shapes attempt “to show us a different way of viewing time through a means of exploring its natural fabric.” His murals can be found in Detroit, Hollywood and Atlanta, and even the historic Miami Marine Stadium.

About the Mural

This mural by Hoxxoh [“Hoxx”} is at 2130 Central Avenue, on the west side of the building facing 22nd Street.

This striking design is a series of richly colored concentric circles, like a giant, multicolored eye that covers the entire horizontal wall, 70 feet wide and 20 feet high. Each circle is made of lacy patterns that seem to vibrate and shimmer.

At the center is a small black circle. Surrounding that, expanding circles of dark to lighter blue – and then, yellow to orange to red, like a glowing sun. As the circles get larger and further from the center, they grow larger than the wall, so that we see only pieces of the curves. The rings grow thicker, and the spaces within the lace grow more distinct, like a crocheted scarf that’s being stretched beyond its limits.

The patterns are intricate, but the artist painted the wall freehand with aerosol cans.

Hoxxoh comes from Miami, and is often called La Maquina – which is Spanish for machine. During the SHINE Festival he painted this wall by himself, created another inside the Morean Arts Center, and then assisted Michael Vasquez on a realistic downtown St Pete skyline just a block southwest of here, one of several murals at 2260 1st Avenue South. In his work Hoxxoh mixes spontaneity with precision, combining his incredible control using aerosol paint cans with the spontaneous and organic nature of his mesmerizing patterns.

If you’re facing the mural, the popular “Love Your Neighborhood” mural is behind and to your right, across the parking lot.