J and S Signs

About J and S Signs

Based out of: Portland, Oregon
Founded in St. Petersburg in 2013, the vintage hand-lettering collaboration between Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover, known as J&S Signs is now based out of Portland, Oregon. Known for their murals with positive community messages and a distinctly vintage style, J&S Signs have worked for notable brands including Nike, Adidas, Patagonia, and AirBnB.

About the Mural

This mural by J and S Signs is on the north side of a building at 553 9th Street North. It’s 15 feet high and 60 feet wide, and takes up the right half of this long wall.

The simple, retro style is like a bold children’s book – in muted colors of pink, mustard brown, sea green and orange. The mural depicts a playful, vintage St Pete scene, anchored by three buildings.

On the left is a one-story motel, angled towards us. The motel wall is green, the front is orange. The front door is recessed between two windows.

In the right window is a small palm tree. On the left is a large sign in black and white that says “All are Welcome.” In front is a tall ‘50s-style road sign with cockeyed vertical letters that says “Motel.” Beside it are two aqua palm trees with orange trunks, and a tropical bush.

In the center of the mural is a two-story open-air post office, a landmark of downtown Saint Petersburg. The front of the post office is angled to the left, in mustard brown, with three archways. Through the archways we can see black post office boxes and a green ceiling.

Above the archways, the word “Post” is written. On the side of the building is a full size mural, a vintage sign advertising oranges. Across the top, against a white background, the word “Oranges” is painted in orange – and below that, taking up the rest of the post office wall, is the price one ninety-nine in black.

In front of the post office, against the mustard-brown hexagonal tiles of a plaza, is a green bench – a historical relic of St. Petersburg – and an orange bike rack.

On the right side of the mural is a two-story apartment building. The apartment’s left wall is facing us. The wall is painted pink with the words “Point of Pines” in black.

The artists explain that Pinellas means “Point of Pines.” Behind the orange and brown columns along the front of the apartment building, we can see white walls and the outlines of doors and windows.

The sky in the distance, across the top of the mural, is green, blue and pink. There are distant palm trees, oak canopies and the top of a skyscraper on the right.

J&S Signs was founded in St. Petersburg in 2013. This vintage hand-lettering collaboration between Jeffrey Sincich [Sin – Sich] and Josh Stover is now based out of Portland, Oregon.

Their familiar St. Pete murals include “You Are My Sunshine” at the Morean Arts Center and “Love Your Neighborhood” on Central Avenue.

J&S Signs are known for murals with positive community messages and a distinctly vintage style. They’ve created designs for Nike, Patagonia and AirBnB – and you’ll recognize their work on signs and logos throughout St. Pete.