2015 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Morning Breath, Photo by Edel Mohr

In 2015, St. Petersburg, Florida celebrated its passion for public art with the first annual SHINE® Mural Festival. 

The inaugural event revitalized the downtown districts with 17 vivid and unique works of art, engaged with the community and elevating artistic expression in public spaces. 

”Murals are reflective of a city that takes pride in its community. Like all art, it is proof of life. I think the level of art and impact of murals in St. Pete are beginning to align – so there is a deeper appreciation for the work, and it can now co-exist with the community rather than fall into stereotypes of either graffiti or advertising.”- Leon Bedore (Tes One), SHINE® Founder & Co-Curator  

Made up of local artists and community members, SHINE® is an art project, intended to illuminate the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue and uniting our community—while cultivating new standards of artistic excellence and reflecting St. Petersburg’s creative and vibrant spirit.

Director: Leon Bedore (Tes One) / Fiscal Sponsor: John Collins (St. Petersburg Arts Alliance)

Operations: John Collins (SPAA) / Kathryn Howd / Stacia Schrader / Margaret Murray / Diane Shelly / Anna Serena

Curation: Chris Parks (Palehorse)

Finance & Sponsorship: John Collins (SPAA) / Paul Johannesson

Marketing / Media: Michelle Tannu (Shared Vision Marketing) / Mitzi Gordon

Community Outreach: Chad Mize / Mitzi Gordon

Andrew Spear2015

Chad Mize, James Oleson and Pinellas County Center for the Arts2015

Erik Jones2015



Michael Vasquez2015

Shark Toof2015

Morning Breath2015

Ricky Watts2015


Carrie Jadus2015


Greg Mike2015

Tes One and Palehorse2015


Ya La Ford2015

Carrie Jadus2015

Vitale Brothers2015