2017 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Stephen Palladino, Photo by Edel Mohr

The third year of SHINE brought another round of world-class murals to St. Petersburg’s downtown area. Year 3 featured 17 murals, including three “Bright Spot” community mural projects, 12 new Corner Canvas traffic signal boxes wrapped in artwork, Carmada and the grand finale event, Outside-In featuring Yok & Shero at Behar + Peteranecz Architecture. 

Director: Leon Bedore (Tes One) / Fiscal Sponsor: John Collins (St. Petersburg Arts Alliance)

Operations: John Collins (Spaa) / Kathryn Howd / Stacia Schrader / Margaret Murray

Curation: Chris Parks (Palehorse)

Finance & Sponsorship: John Collins (Spaa)

Marketing / Media: Michelle Tannu (Shared Vision Marketing) / Mitzi Gordon

Community Outreach: Chad Mize / Mitzi Gordon / Margaret Murray


Joram Roukes2017

Jose Mertz2017

Stephen Palladino2017

Yok and Shero2017

Herbert Scott Davis2017


Lauren YS2017

Mikael B2017

ZuluPainter and Thirst2017

Axel Void and L.E.O.2017

Suarez Art2017


Daniel "R5" Barojas2017

Sam Yong2017