Angela Delaplane

About Angela Delaplane

Based out of: St. Petersburg, Florida
Angela Delaplane is the founder of Delaplane Studios, a Tampa-based creative studio focusing on original paintings and drawings, murals & commissioned artwork. Angela’s mural work can be seen across Florida including Pinewoods Elementary in Estero, Cape Coral Hospital, WestShore Mall in Tampa, and more.

About the Mural

This mural is Karmic Connection, at 2063 1st Avenue South.

Created by Angela Delaplane, it’s on the west side facing 21st Street South, and continuing around the corner in the alley that’s behind the building, between 1st Avenue South and Central Avenue.

The mural is in black and white and shades of grey. Underwater life is juxtaposed against a field of stars.

Adding the two walls together, it’s a total of 155 feet wide and 18 feet high. Tentacles with massive suction cups flow over the walls from above and from below, as if these octopus-like creatures are much larger than the building.

The building has a staggered shape – a single story with high black windows, that rises to two stories halfway down the alley. A tall black monolith looms over 1st Avenue South.

The mural spills across the back of the building and the west side, and a single giant tentacle creeps up the monolith that bears the business logo. Two bulbous grey octopus heads peek out between the tentacles on the alley side, their giant eyes gazing at visitors. The rippling tentacles appear to be in motion, ready to reach out into the street.

Angela Delaplane is the founder of Delaplane Studios in Tampa. Her work can be seen across Florida, and often includes sea life, in both photorealistic style and the fantastical.

Address: 2063 1st Ave S

Building: Classic Architectural

Installation Date: 2016