Amy Ilic-Volpe

About Amy Ilic-Volpe

Based out of: St. Petersburg, FL
<b>Amy</b> is a St. Petersburg, Florida native. She is inspired by the sunshine and the easygoing vibe of her hometown. She has a great appreciation for the artistic energy her little city exudes. Amy’s work is a reflection of her appreciation for fun, adventure, experimentation, and process. Amy has been influenced and educated by travel and considers herself a student of experience. She worked for almost a decade in the travel industry and had the opportunity to live and travel all over the world. She is an intuitive artist and maker, who is intrigued by mark-making and fluid applications of color a shape. She lets her mediums speak through her and she engages with them in free and loose movement. She oftentimes allows the process of art-making to be the true representation of art. The beauty is in the experience. The artwork evolves as a visceral and emotional practice.

About the Mural

Title: Color Wheelz

Address: n/a

Building: n/a

Installation Date: 2022