ZuluPainter - Mural - SHINE2018

701 9th St S

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The work of the bold and prolific ZuluPainter is found across the country, and especially in The Deuces neighborhood of south St. Pete.

This mural is titled, Wisdom Growth Progress. “The idea behind the mural is one of shared knowledge, learning and continuing this cycle of nurturing future leaders so they can break barriers and help society grow in a positive way,” ZuluPainter explains.

“The mural reads from right to left. Maya Angelou speaks directly to everyone in need of encouragement and experience-based wisdom, in order to grow as contributing members of the COMMUNITY. The youth receive this information and grow into knowledgeable, empathic young adults.

“Now the cycle becomes complete as the young lady on the left, utilizes what she’s learned to shatter the “Glass Ceiling.” She can now repeat the process and send this LOVE back into the universe and help the next generation grow. ‘Each one, teach one’ is how we can all heal the world.”

This work is part of the SHINE Festival’s “Bright Spots” program, adding art to neighborhoods.

ZuluPainter - Mural - SHINE2018
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Find out more about ZuluPainter’s work at zulupainter.com.