We love this mural by Leo Gomez, and we want to hear from you!

Sunshine On My Mind Mural

Email us with words, images, movement, video, anything that expresses what brings sunshine to your life!

Some examples might be:

  • A 10-15 second video of you sharing an anecdote of something that makes you feel alive. 
  • Sharing a photo, or a piece of art you created.
  • Emailing us with a quote or short poem you love.

There are so many ways to show us what brings you joy!  

What you share could be included in a very special SPAA initiative: Murals In Mind. We've selected 12 local murals that inspire positive mental health, and we're excited to collaborate with media & performing artists to build creative wellness content that uplifts our community. In addition, Eckerd College assisted us by encouraging one of their staff psychologists, trained in trauma and art therapy, to be a part of this project.  

Murals in Mind, a project funded by the Community Foundation Tampa Bay and Love IV Lawrence is the combination of visual and performing arts used as a healing tool for better mental health within our city. This project will be lovingly launched in 2023. 

A big thank you to the sponsors of Murals in Mind!

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Help us spread the sunshine and tell us what brings sunshine to your life!


Email us by November 4th, 2022 and express yourself!


By submitting your words, images, video or other offering - you have agreed to allow SPAA to use this as a part of their Murals in Mind project to share with the greater community. You will be advised if your piece has been selected.