2020 SHINE Mural Festival - Artist: Tatiana Suarez

In 2016, the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs established the Individual Artist Grant Program. These 15 grants are intended to provide financial assistance to the City of St. Petersburg resident artists for specific projects. The program is designed to support the public engagement of individual work/projects in the Visual Arts, Craft Arts, Dance, Music, Theater, or Literature.

Applicants must show commitment to the art form through education, training, or professional experience, and must show evidence of exhibition, public performance, or being published during the past two years.

Applications are closed for this year's grant. 

2021 Individual Artist Grant Applications

Please make sure you have thoroughly reviewed all of the criteria for this grant application. Partial or incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration. If you have specific questions about the grant application please send all inquiries via email to tracy@stpeteartsalliance.org


Be creative! The program is designed to support public engagement of individual artists’ work/projects in the Visual/Craft Arts, Dance, Music, Theater or Literature.


  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Artists who have received an award within the past 2 years are not eligible for 2021 Grant funds.
  • Applicant must be a legal resident of City of St. Petersburg and is expected to continue their residency in the City of St. Petersburg following the grant award.
  • Students pursuing ANY degree or full-time faculty in higher education are NOT ELIGIBLE for college or university projects.  Faculty may apply if it is for a separate creative business.
  • "Accomplished" status may be determined by artistic resume, training, or achievement; catalogs; programs, press clips, and/or articles.
  • The applicant's resume must show commitment to the art form through education, training, or professional experience, and must show evidence of exhibition, public performance, or being published during the past two years.
  • Non-profit arts organizations are not eligible for this grant and should apply to the City of St. Petersburg’s Arts Grants Program.


  • The grant period is MAY 1, 2021 through SEPTEMBER 18, 2021.  
  • You may request funding up to $1,000. 
  • All projects should have a SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 end date; HOWEVER, the date may be extended if a community engagement part of the program must occur after that date. 
  • Grant funds may not be requested for expenditures prior to MAY 1, 2021. 


In all publicity, websites, printed or production materials related to the grant project, the recipient must credit the St. Petersburg Art Alliance and the St. Petersburg’s Office of Cultural Affairs for support in the same font size, or larger, as any other sponsors.

Grantees are responsible for submitting a final report with examples of the results of the grant project within 30 days of the completion of the project to the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.  

All grant recipients are considered independent contractors, and will receive a 1099.  Recipients are responsible for any tax obligations under federal, state or local laws.  You are required to submit an IRS W-9 form before we can issue a check.


  • PRESENTATION/ DOCUMENTATION:  Costs related to producing materials such as slides, discs, catalogs, portfolios, demo tapes, manuscripts, music charts, etc.
  • SERVICES: Rental of facilities for the presentation/production of NEW work.
  • MATERIALS/SUPPLIES: Purchase of materials and supplies that are necessary for the completion or production of NEW work.
  • EQUIPMENT: Equipment purchases must be directly related to the creation of NEW original artwork.  Specifications regarding product description, supplier and cost must be attached.


  • Expenses that are not reimbursable include, but are not limited to, alcoholic beverages, vehicle rentals, personal rent, entertainment, gratuities, or meals.
  • Expenditures made prior to MAY 1, 2021.


To evaluate grant applications, jury members may be professional artists, writers, educators, arts administrators or professionals in art-related fields.  A total of 100 points is possible with 70 points required for funding consideration.  Funding decisions will be based on the following:

  1. Professional resume, including education, artistic training, and level of achievement and/or evidence of commitment to personal artistic development (20 points)
  2. Impact of the proposed project on the local community. (30 points)
  3. Completeness and clarity of the application. The reasonable likelihood that the project can be completed based on the itemized budget and proposed timeline.  The Individual Artists Grant should not be the sole source of funding for the project. Other funds may come from, other grants, gifts, personal savings., etc. (20 points)
  4. Artistic excellence as demonstrated by the work sample(s) submitted (30 points)


  1. Please submit your completed application with attachments and links to your work via the online application form.
  2. Attach Project Budget Form
  3. Include any documentation of the project’s community involvement, e.g. an agreement with a gallery or theater that will show your work, etc.
  4. Attach resume, list of performances, exhibitions, or published works with specifics. (Maximum two pages.)
  5. Submit other support materials (i.e., letters, articles, reviews, programs, and other promotional materials as evidence of your artistic accomplishments and professional achievements.  Label each piece with your name on each document for ease of review by the judging panel. Do not submit materials other than those detailed in this application.
  6. If music or video, attach mp3s. If that is not possible, drop off a thumb drive with images, or mp3 at the Arts Alliance Office. Do not send us a website link. Our panelists need to see what you are submitting, not look around a website and guess. 


We are not responsible for loss or damage of materials; however, every effort will be made to properly care for the materials submitted.  Samples must be submitted in protective packaging. Check each flash drive copy to be sure it is readable/playable on Apple or other personal computers.


  • Visual, Digital, or Fine Craft Arts: Provide three images or work samples via email or on one flash drive with work samples with identifying information of current work.


  • Choreographer/Dancer: Include in email or send one flash drive showing examples of original choreography or performances created within the past two years. Label work samples with the name of choreographer, title of work, names of dancers or company, length of work, date of completion and performance.


  • Performer/Composer: Include in email or send one flash drive of no more than two contrasting works performed during the past two years.  Label work samples.


  • Performer: One copy of your professional artistic resume and any examples. 
  • Artistic Director/Playwright: Include in email or send one flash drive of sample work directed/composed by the applicant during the past two years.   Label work samples.


  • Filled out and sign the online application
  • Project Budget Form
  • Community Involvement (agreement with gallery or theater that will show work)
  • Resume that includes performances, exhibits, published works, etc.
  • Labeled Support Materials (i.e., letters, articles, reviews, programs and other promotional materials as evidence of your artistic accomplishments and professional achievements.  
  • Work samples as indicated above