2038 1st Ave S 

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Dangerous Visions

This UK graffiti artist holds a degree in biochemistry. He’s been painting graffiti since the ’80s but his art career took off when SHOK-1 started painting X-ray images.

His work references actual X-rays he acquires from friends in the medical field. He is very hard on himself in terms of medical accuracy because his online followers critique the accuracy of his painted bone structures. SHOK-1 looked through over 150 dog skull x-rays to find an image he felt was adequate to paint from, for this mural.

The hands in this design are his wife Debbie’s hands. He and Debbie  made shadow puppets in different positions until finding a position that looked like it would accurately create the shadow of a dog skull. SHOK-1 originally planned to use his own hands but wasn’t happy with how the shadow looked.

SHOK-1’s technique requires thin layers of Molotow translucent spray paint. He painted this wall overnight for 3-4 nights, completing almost all of this image in the dark with a headlamp.

video by Marcus Oania