Art connects us, heals, and shifts the way we perceive our world. Art reveals the beauty of life, which is especially important when we experience depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress. “Murals in Mind” is a new program from the St. Pete Arts Alliance (SPAA) that brings our community of artists together to support and uplift wellness for all, because ART HEALS.

Murals in Mind logoWith the idea that ART can encourage better MENTAL HEALTH, we partnered with Community Foundation Tampa Bay and Love IV Lawrence and identified various SHINE murals throughout St. Petersburg that evoke inspiration.  We worked with Dr. Paige Dickenson from Eckerd College, a psychologist trained in trauma and art therapy and added performance to these murals (music, poetry, dance, drama), so that viewers can stand in front of the mural or watch remotely and experience the merging of visual and performance art through Pixelstix technology on their smartphone.  (Videos can also be viewed on a tablet or desktop.)

SPAA recognizes that art and artists represent and communicate the possibilities of a limitless and meaningful world. By no means will this serve as therapy, but when someone is having a particularly difficult day, sometimes reading, listening to music, or absorbing art, allows them to alter their mood or their emotion towards the positive.  It is that simple, just a shift in perspective through ART! 

If you would like to get involved with this program in the future, please contact or donate to MURALS IN MIND today! 

Create your own Group Tour of the Murals in Mind Outdoor Gallery and experience art and its therapeutic benefits.  This is a free way to enjoy the unique culture of St Petersburg by bike or by car. Click here to learn everything you need to host a group outing!

Murals in Mind is Best Experienced in Person!

Here are the instructions for how to watch and listen (Scroll down for the mural addresses and a Google map)

  • Scan the QR code attached to each MIM Mural and start your immersive experience!
  • Or use the Pixelstix app!  The MIM PixelStix Map-Tap is an interactive way to drive, bike or walk to each piece in the MIM gallery. Once there in front of the mural, the app is used again to tap the P inside the map which will launch the exhibit.

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Arts for Mental Health Related Content

Here are the murals in the Murals in Mind (MIM) program. 

The Blue Hour

by Cecilia Lueza. Mark Feinman, Composer Gloria Munoz, Poet

100 1st Ave. N, St. Pete, FL 33701

Golden Child with Da Big Gunz

by Princess Smith. Shelby Ronae, Writer & Theatre Artist

593 22nd St S. St. Pete, FL 33712

Can’t Thank You Enough

by Leo Gomez. Colleen Cherry, Singer/Songwriter/Improviser.
Jeremy Douglass, Composer

744 6th Ave. S. St. Pete, FL 33701 at Bayfront Health St. Pete

Diversity and Inclusion in STEAM

by Brainstorm. St Pete Youth Farm student poets. Under the guidance of Keep St Pete Lit

600 5th St S. St. Pete, FL 33701 at the Johns Hopkins-All Children’s Hospital: Research and Education Building

Nowness is the Portal

by Miss Crit. Bob Devin Jones, Theatre Artist & Founder of Studio@620 Anastasia Wirick, Poet

3000 Central Ave. St. Pete, FL 33712 at Absolutely Beautiful Flowers

Aquatic Forest

by Jujmo. Perkins Elementary School steelpan band Under the direction of Joel Heller

1701 1st Ave S. St. Pete, FL 33712 at the FRSTeam building

Hands of Change (The Happy Mural Project)

by Alyssa & Braden Marie. Todd Burgess/Sunsation Media, Videography & Animation. Contributions from Creative Clay Artists. Learn More
4025 31st Street S. St. Pete, FL 33712 at The St. Pete City Theatre

Rooted in Community

by Kenny Coil and Marc Berenguer. Your Real Stories, Creators

1000 3rd St S. St. Pete, FL 33701 at USFSP Harbor Hall

Pride & Love

by Jay Hoff. John Huls & Jay Hoff, Storytellers

2437 Central Ave. St. Pete, FL 33713

Wisdom, Growth, Progress

by Zulu Painter. Alexander Jones/projectALCHEMY, Dance. Direction - Talia Demps, Dancer. Esophia HIggins-Wilkins, Dancers. Jeremy Carter, Composer

701 9th St South. St. Pete, FL 33701

Sunshine On My Mind

by Leo Gomez. Todd Burgess/Sunsation Media, Content Creator

1955 3rd Ave S. St. Pete Fl 33712 at Ice House of St. Pete

Breaking Free

by Rhys Meatyard. Tyler Gillespie, Poet.



We’d love to hear your feedback about the Murals in Mind Project. 



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