Morning Breath. . . 2019

250 Dr ML King Jr St N 

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This mural is the second mural in St. Pete for NY duo Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. Their first SHINE mural (2015) was obstructed by new construction on Central Avenue.

The mural design was brush painted only, and inspired by the business at this location — Coney Island Sandwich Shop.

Video by Chop ‘Em Down Films

With roots in New York for both the business and artists, there are subtle nods to NY throughout. For example, the “Fear City” skeleton pamphlet is taken from a 1970s scaremongering pamphlet called “Fear City: A Survival Guide for Visitors to the City of New York” published by the NY Council on Public Safety. The pamphlet urged visitors to “stay off the streets after 6 pm. Do not walk. Avoid Public Transportation.”

In the bottom left corner is the word “look” with an arrow that points to a small cut-out in the wall. This was where African Americans would be served if they came to the restaurant in its early days.

This mural is also a tribute to Casey Paquet, a friend and original SHINE member who passed away in 2018. The glasses in the mural are the same frames that Casey wore and the book includes Casey’s initials as well as an image of him swallowing a sword (something he actually did). |  @morningbreathinc