535 Dr ML King Jr St N

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Post Internet Explorers

The shape of this wall inspired Low Bros’ design, based on the development of the internet, from the initial idea of an open source community to the takeover of big corporations. “Questioning whether the convenience and benefits through homogenized platforms and algorithms, are worth the price we all need to pay.”

The pair used the wall shape as open internet browser windows. Inspired by ’80s and ’90s culture, Low Bros are fascinated by the dichotomy of analog vs. the digital life. Many of their works reference the internet, hence the emojis and AOL and Facebook logos. The Sprite/Pepsi can explores the intersection of art and advertising.

This wall was completed entirely in Montana spray cans. The wolf in the middle is a recurring image in the Low Bros’ work. The tennis balls are also a frequent image that explores their experience of white privilege, using tennis as an example of a sport that isn’t easily accessible for many people.

The two German brothers used a variety of techniques to complete this wall. They did not project the design but used a combination of freehand, stencils, masking tape and vinyl foil for the lettering.

video by Marcus Oania