Shine 2018 - Justin Wagher - photo by Edel Mohr

4139 7th Terrace S

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Open Call Winner

Justin Wagher is a graduate of Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School, and one of the youngest working artists in the city.

Shine 2018 - Justin Wagher - photo by Edel Mohr
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The content of his work focuses on the subtle aspects of life to capture familiar, often-overlooked surroundings in new ways. His style typically uses black, white and gray to convey a strong sense of emotion.

“The content of my work comes from my everyday life. These pieces are referenced from photos during a six-month period where I was trying to capture images that I felt represented this place I’ve called home for my whole life. I am trying to focus on the subtle aspects of life.

“The title Where I Come From is an attempt to put these paintings into context with what I felt home looked like – not necessarily a whole interpretation of the city, but the places and sights I find comfort from, where I find my place to be.

“Ideally, I hope to share a humbling experience, a visual representation of the people and places, the streets and alleys, the often-overlooked surroundings that are St. Petersburg – that are my home.”

Justin had children from the neighborhood and the children of local business owners help him paint this wall. He is passionate about working with youth.

Justin Wagher’s work can be found around Tampa Bay, Miami and Kansas City.

Watch a video of Justin Wagher at work during SHINE 2018


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