Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese. . . 2019

1701 Central Ave

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Lucky You

This mural was designed around the concept of luck. We are all lucky to live in St. Pete!

The mural displays symbols of luck from around the world – including the four-leaf clover, shooting star, the lark, the Hamsa (the hand-shaped charm represents luck in Israel), a bat (Chinese luck symbol), heart, horseshoe, Maneki-Neko (Lucky cats from Japan), ladybugs, a smiley face, dice, a penny, an anchor, fingers crossed and the cornicello or Italian Horn (an Italian chili pepper thought to ward off evil).

1701 Central (NRP Group) was the title sponsor for SHINE Year 5, and selected this design.

Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese also created an interior mural along the pool courtyard for the apartment complex’s grand opening in February 2020.

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