To honor Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Integrative Counsel hosted a special virtual roundtable discussion called ArtMinded bringing together creatives, artists, and mental health professionals in the community for an enriching talk about how arts, in all their forms, positively impact mental health on an individual and societal level.

Because of her creation of Murals in Mind, SPAA CEO, Terry Marks was a participant along with:

  • Listen to Your Art Therapy & Empowerment Services, LLC (w/ Jasmine Parker!)
  • Dr. Diohn Leoni's art + work
  • Girls Rock Camp St. Pete (w/ Jesse Miller)
  • Jennifer H. Carey, LMHC's Illuminating The Stories That Bind Us podcast
  • IC Founder Dayna Wood's Art:
  • Steven Kenny, Diohn's partner & artist

"Studies have shown that creative expression can have a powerful impact on one's mental health. Prioritizing creative expression engages your mind and creates a container for healing."

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