Arts Education Roundtable
Hosted by Harlem Stage & TYA/USA
Monday, August 17 at 4 pm

What does back-to-school look like this year, especially for BIPOC communities?

This forum, co-hosted by Harlem Stage and TYA/USA, examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students, with specific focus on students of color.

What challenges are students and educators facing due to distance learning, gaps in access to technology, protests responding to the killing of unarmed citizens, a health pandemic and being quarantined?

Will arts education remain relevant and prioritized as an essential tool for students to self-express and navigate the complexity of being young in America in 2020? How can arts education cultivate joy and engage young people through crisis?

These conversations will excavate the unique challenges, strategies and opportunities that this crisis has presented, while interrogating systemic racism in public education.

This education forum will bring together educators, teaching artists, social workers, students and artists to seek answers to these questions: How has distance learning affected students’ productivity? How can arts education be re-imagined for digital platforms? How have Black and Brown students and communities, specifically, been impacted? What policies, practices and resources must be shifted, dismantled or improved? What tangible steps can we take to support the parents, students and educators in our communities?

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Monday, August 17 at 4 pm

ACE Pinellas Committee

Lisa Lehmann (Chair)
PCS, Arts Integration Specialist
Ajori Spencer
PCS, PreK-12 Performing Arts Specialist
Jonathan Ogle
PCS, Pre-K-12 Visual Arts Specialist
Meghan Alfaro
PCS, Performing Arts Staff Developer
Karen Haraminac
PCS, Pinellas County Arts Education Association ~ President
Amber Turcott
PCS, Pinellas County Music Education Association ~ President
Jeanne Reynolds
Florida Music Education Association, Government Relations PCS, PreK-12 Performing Arts Specialist, Retired
Sue Castleman
League of Women Voters PCS, PreK-12 Visual Arts Specialist, Retired
Linda Lerner
Retired PCS School Board Member
Steve Beatty
Crosslin Technologies, Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly G. Jackson, esq.
Institute for Strategic Policy Solution, Executive Director (ISPS at SPC) Community and Parent Advocate
Maria Cantonis
Clearwater Arts Alliance, Board of Directors
Susan Bezter
The Florida Orchestra, Development Committee Chair
Michelle Painter
Florida Orchestra, Education and Community Engagement Director
Maria Athanasulis
Retired PCS Music Educator
Karen Dietz
Imagine Museum, Guest Services
Peter Tush
The Dalí Museum, Senior Curator
Sumaya Ayad
The Dalí Museum, School Programs Manager
Julie Henry-Matus
The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, Director of Education and Public Programs
Nate Hettinger
The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, Executive Director
Terry Marks
St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, Chief Executive Officer
Kimberlynn Martin
Director of Education and Engagement, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

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