David Charlton. . . 2019

2421 Central Ave

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The Alchemist

Open Call artist David Charlton painted this design entirely with spray paint, in his signature surrealist style. A tattoo artist and gallery owner, even Charlton’s canvas pieces are painted with spray paint.

The concept of this mural is the alchemy of turning darkness into light. The snail symbolizes repose — we don’t need to rush the process of our life’s journey.

The Fibonacci (Golden) Spiral leading to a castle represents the kingdom within. The armored knight symbolizes the human figure. When we take away all metrics and titles, we are just left with a human. Under the armor is the soul, our essence and driving force.

The lance with the key represents aiming at your goal. In this case, the goal is to connect with nature, unlocking its secrets and learning. “We are all nature and can learn to connect with one other harmoniously — an ecosystem.” And the sunflowers? When the sun is gone, these flowers turn toward each other for light.