Frederick “Rootman” Woods Art Wrapped Coffee CanisterSt. Petersburg, FLORIDA (May 18, 2023) - The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance (SPAA), along with its community partner, Kahwa Coffee, are delighted to announce the third artist in the collaboration that supports the building of the St. Petersburg Arts Endowment through the sale of art-wrapped coffee canisters. Frederick “Rootman” Woods is a Florida native who grew up in the small North Florida town of Hampton.  From an early age he loved to draw and taught himself by studying the technique of the Old Masters’ paintings.  Over time, his own unique approach to art emerged, one that combines many different styles with a modern twist.

“This is one of my relationship pieces. One day you decide that the past does not serve you anymore. The frayed rope around the heart represents how long you've been holding onto the pain until you decide to let it go. As you free yourself, you recreate yourself from a new space in your life. You are now a new person. The window is your soul, and the ladder represents the person who wants to know you. Sometimes your window opens to new beginnings; other times, not so much.

When you eventually decide to let someone in, they can see the true you. The balloon represents your higher self, where souls connect and soar on a much higher level,” states Fred, about his canister design.

Launch Event

SPAA and Kahwa Coffee will celebrate the launch of this third artist wrap at a special event on Thursday, May 25 from 6-8pm at Woodfield Fine Art located at 2323 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL.  The business community and the public are invited to support the St. Pete Arts Endowment by purchasing these limited edition canisters online at starting May 25th and in stores on May 26th.

Past art wrapped canister artists are Chad Mize and Glenyse Thompson.  

Kahwa Coffee owners Sarah and Raphael Perrier are available for media interviews. To schedule MEDIA interviews, please email Brooke Palmer Kuhl at  or call 727.235.2389.

About Kahwa Coffee 

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company is a wholesale and retail coffee company based in St. Petersburg, Fl.  Founded in 2006 by Sarah and Raphael Perrier, Kahwa has become the largest independent coffee roaster in the state of Florida. Kahwa’s reputation is built on quality and consistency of the product. 100% premium quality Arabica beans are selected from different origins around the world; these beans are then blended and skillfully roasted to produce a complex flavor that allows each origin to yield its most distinct palate. Each blend is roasted and packaged on demand to guarantee quality and freshness. Kahwa’s wholesale customers skyrocketed in 2008 after receiving the stamp of approval from world-renowned French chef, Paul Bocuse, who selected Kahwa coffee for his highly esteemed restaurant in Epcot, Chefs de France. That same year, Kahwa’s first retail cafe opened in downtown St. Pete with the goal to create an environment with personalized customer service and a community meeting place where all walks of life can come to socialize. 


Today, with 15 retail locations and over 800 wholesale customers, Kahwa is dedicated to expanding its customer base while still maintaining the greatest quality of the product and an exceptional customer service experience. For more information, visit Stay connected to Kahwa: and @KahwaCoffee on Twitter and Instagram.

About the St. Pete Arts Alliance

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance is the umbrella organization serving this vital arts and cultural community. We do so by driving arts-related economic development and funding, advocating for art and artists, educating at all levels and facilitating the growth of our City of the Arts. In December 2015, the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance (SPAA) established an arts endowment fund at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay. The purpose of the fund is to ensure that the arts community has a resource available for sustainability. SPAA‘s role is to raise these funds and work with the city to award grants, through its Arts Advisory Committee to our arts community. This advisory committee will be gathered through a grants process, as laid out in Chapter 5 of City Ordinances. As an organization that advocates for all the arts within St. Pete, we want to ensure that our efforts go towards building the resources for the future.  This fund will assist with many different needs for the arts community.  This is how the visual and performing arts community will grow.  Encouraging public support for this endowment is a key element, so that arts within St. Petersburg has wide community involvement.  Kahwa Coffee understands the importance of the arts within St. Petersburg and has stepped up to make this collaboration possible. Without their vision and interest in supporting the arts, this project would not be possible.



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