Zero Empty Spaces

Zero Empty Spaces (ZES) is a rapidly growing affordable artist studio/vacancy management initiative that creates working artist studios in vacant spaces around the country where artists can create and collaborate at an affordable price. The concept expands the appreciation of all genres of art and helps to create a thriving cultural community in the cities surrounding each location.

Zero Empty Spaces recently opened a new location where they still have a few affordable studio spaces left in their first location in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Tyrone Square Mall! All spaces are either 80, 120, or 160 sq. ft., making them $200/$300/$400/month rent on a month to month basis with the water & electric included! Artists get a safe space to create & collaborate outside of their homes, a community of artists to tap into, and the ability to be discovered/collected by the public at large in a retail setting with 0% commission assessed on artwork that sells. 

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