Brian McAlister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Club Members. . . 2019

1011 22nd St S

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SHINE honored the historic Quonset hut-style Royal Theatre with a mural celebrating the history of what used to be one of the few movie theaters African Americans could visit.  This building is the first historic building painted during the SHINE Festival.

Artist Brian McAlister worked with the surrounding community on the design. McAlister teaches at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School and leads the Gibbs High Mural Club. Brian was allowed to take out 10 students each day out of school as a field trip for SHINE. Working together with members of the Boys & Girls Clubs program, they got this monumental mural done.

“There’s this really long, low wall,” Jenee explains. “The mural starts with the original history of the movie theater. There’s a film roll and bottle caps – because back then, if kids brought in a bottle cap, they could get in the movies for free.

“Then it transitions into ‘Great Futures Start Here,’ which is the Boys and Girls Clubs tagline. And then there are portraits of different famous people – some are athletes some are artists or movie celebrities. And at the end there are some actual portraits of students in the Boys and Girls Club program at the Royal Theatre. All the people represented have some connection to St. Petersburg or to the Boys and Girls Clubs, like Angela Bassett, Serena Williams.

“So it shows the history, starting from the movie theater then going on to becoming an arts program.”

The word “Here” features portraits of children currently in the Boys and Girls Clubs program.