James Oleson

Fine ArtistMural Artist

I am a modern day street alchemist, making beauty in the rubble. Salvaging and manipulating cast-off materials, I transform the mundane into neo-surrealist sculpture and large-scale paintings, drawing characters from my subconscious into the world. Recycling is important to the process, and I use scrap materials and paint from a variety of sources in my projects.

Making and sharing art is what I do every day. With each new work I strive to break boundaries, to create experiences for viewers. I draw constantly, and many murals and sculptures begin in my sketchbook. My art explores expression, gives life to animal and human creatures, and reveals magic and humor.

​I like to work in the public sphere and share creations with the broadest possible audience, because the impact of art is important to me. I want viewers to have a reaction, to take a journey of imagination and perspective that makes them feel encompassed by a different world.