Eric Z Goodnight

Fine ArtistGraphic DesignMural Artist

Eric is a professional artist born and educated in the Carolinas. He's worked as an art director, designer and illustrator, with work for international clients in all 50 states and destinations abroad.

Currently based out of St Petersburg, Eric is making a mark on the local graffiti-style mural scene, where he created murals during the inaugural years of Tampa Bay's first mural festival, Tampa Bay Fresh Fest.

Eric is a collaborator with the likes of the Chicago's legendary Screwball Press and renowned French surreal digital painter, Bernard Dumaine. Occasionally, you can find Eric touring the national comic convention scene to promote his independent comic projects and hand-printed screenprint posters.

He is currently a working artist in the studios of the Pinellas Arts Village, where you can find his studio.

Eric's artwork comes from a place of both high and lowbrow artistic interests - he is as likely to be inspired by French comic artists or Viennese Art Nouveau as Japanese professional wrestling.