Kandy Hurley / Grimalkin Studio

Fine Artist

I like to tell a story or represent an emotion in a simple symbolic way.

Symbols are one of the oldest and most powerful languages we have. I’m fascinated how they’re able to convey a large thought in a visual statement.

Most of my art is connected to symbolism and the style is minimalist. It's challenging and fun to distill my art to where it doesn’t use a lot of extra decoration.

I do get asked pretty often why the name Grimalkin Studio? (gra-mall-kin)

First I like having a studio name as it allows me the freedom to explore a variety of art styles.

And secondly: In the opening scene of Macbeth, one of the three witches says, "I come, Graymalkin." She’s responding to the summons of her guardian spirit, which is in the form of a cat. Shakespeare's "Graymalkin" literally means cat.

Macbeth is a cautionary tale and a good reminder of what happens when your vision becomes clouded.

Seeing clearly is essential for an artist and since I share my studio space with a cat, the name was perfect.