Donald Gialanella

Fine ArtistPublic Art

Looking at things differently is the role of the artist. Art reflects our culture and offers a new perspective about ourselves and the world we live in. I look at trash differently than the average person. When I see discarded objects, I think about them as raw materials for art.

I work with a wide range of unconventional materials incorporating “green” salvaged and reclaimed objects into the amalgam of my sculptural assemblages, ranging from plastic to steel, toys to pots and pans.

These assemblages serve as time-capsules where everyday objects from our culture are “frozen” in time to be explored and contemplated in a new context.

I believe that public art should compliment and focus interest on the site. Effective public art will make the viewer’s experience memorable, and create a lasting bond that ties that engagement of the artwork to its environment.

My process for conceptualizing and producing public work is rooted in the desire to establish an iconic image that represents and reflects the values of the local community. The underlying tenets guiding my work are a solid work ethic and artistic integrity, which combine to create enduring works of art.

Donald Gialanella, originally from Maplewood, NJ, now works out of his studio in St. Petersburg. Donald apprenticed with sculptor Louise Bourgeois after earning a BFA from The Cooper Union in New York City. He worked as a graphics producer at ABC-TV in New York in the 1980s and received an Emmy for his work on Monday Night Football in 1990.

The Dali Museum commissioned Donald to create Salvador Dali’s mustache in the form of a 17 foot long steel sculpture for the permanent collection in 2016. He is known for creating larger-than-life sculptures in public and private collections across the United States.