Gabriela Valencia

Fine Artist

Gabriela Valencia is an artist, educator and violinist from Ecuador, owner of Gabriela Valencia Studio and Gallery at St. Pete Beach.

Gabriela is known not only for her art work, but also for her outreach community work of empowering and inspiring women to raise awareness of their potential and importance in today’s society. Her artwork has been featured internationally in private collections and galleries, museums, magazines, newspapers and TV. She had a solo exhibit at Stageworks Theater, in conjunction with In the Time of the Butterflies. She is a participating artist in St. Pete's annual Exquisite Corpse Games. Gabriela is also passionate about film.

Her different techniques such as oil, acrylic and pastels are the means to construct surrealism, magic realism, reflexive and spiritual worlds. Gabriela traces spaces with shapes and colors in which the strength of the sea, the richness of earth and human beings are revealed in subtle ways with special emphasis on the force and sensibility of women.

Member at:
Morean Arts Center
Kenwood Artists Enclave
Acrylic Painters USA
Warehouse Arts District