Carol Dameron

Fine Artist

Did you know our ancestors developed their sense of time by observing the horizon?

I love the horizon line.

Pulling a long mark straight across the page instantly divides space into sky and earth. My deft drawing hand jumps into realism where I create all figures and beings that inhabit various terrains.

Figure and landscape allow me to engage the seen and unseen parts of life. I attempt to express silence through situational and spatial ambiguity in order to reveal a deeper reality behind the surface of things.

I paint in oil on wood or on the uneven weave of linen. It is a natural contrast to the buttery silk of oil.

The most contemplative genre of painting is the still lie and these little gems pull you into a quiet space. Little classics for big rooms!

Collages are thoughtful, humorous and immediate.

It isn't necessary to understand the meaning behind each piece. Just standing next to it or in front of it is enough.

The Carol Dameron is...

Big Mystery Paintings, Still Lives and Collages