Melanie Posner

Fine ArtistMural Artist

Melanie Posner, a local fine artist from the St. Pete area , officially picked up a paint brush in late 2014. Since then oil painting has stolen her heart. Originally from Pennsylvania, she graduated from The University of Tampa with a BFA in Painting in 2016. With that, her work has been shown in multiple shows such as Nude Nite which is the largest nude exhibition in the country, she had won "Best in Show" at a juried art exhibition, and had her artwork displayed at the opening of Loud Gallery  in Orlando.

She is inspired by the beauty of the female body. Whether she is using her artwork to have a voice by painting confrontational images, to using the human form to express feelings of love and happiness, she is consistently making the viewer feel.  Melanie uses her personal experiences and emotions to guide the way.

Fine Artist and Muralist in the St. Petersburg region.

SHINE Muralist 2018. Creates vibrant large-scale paintings and designs for different companies and clients.