John Gascot

Fine Artist

I am a Caribbean-born Latin American artist residing and creating in Pinellas County, Florida.

I paint visual narratives which stylistically borrow from numerous global influences. They aim to blur divisive cultural and gender lines to promote diversity. My paintings are primarily created on canvas using acrylic paints but increasingly include aerosol, ink and mixed media. I regularly challenge myself to step out of my comfort/signature zone to execute ideas in other disciplines such as print-making or in three-dimensional form.

In the past my work reflected tradition and cultural folklore in a contemporary Folk-Pop style. Today I focus on figurative subjects which include the local community, outcasts and fringe-society.

I feel a great need to capture moments and stories that might otherwise be overlooked. I passionately believe that art should be accessible to all and that everyone should find themselves represented in and by it.

The John Gascot is...

Latin Pop and Abstracts