The Economic and Social Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations Report Page 1St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, in collaboration with Americans for the Arts and Creative Pinellas announced that St. Petersburg’s nonprofit arts industry generated $132,530,557 in economic activity in 2022, according to the newly released Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), an economic and social impact study. This economic activity is comprised of $61,607,918 in spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and $70,922,639 in event-related spending by their audiences supported 2,121 jobs and generated $$26,529,721 in local, state, and federal government revenue. Spending by arts and culture audiences generates valuable commerce to the local St. Petersburg community, as well as making the city an attractive place to visit and to live.

Building on its 30-year legacy as the largest and most inclusive study of its kind, AEP6 uses a rigorous methodology to document the economic and social contributions of the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture industry. The study demonstrates locally as well as nationally, arts and culture are critical economic drivers of vibrant communities.

“The importance of the AEP6 study cannot be understated. With every analysis of the arts community’s impact on our economy, the results are evermore apparent. The key is ACTION. Can we together create adequate and sustainable funding for the arts? Can we connect and motivate a public and private partnership? Can we build the future along with artists, art organizations, individuals, businesses, government and the philanthropic community? I know we can." - Terry Marks, CEO of St. Petersburg Arts Alliance

Nationally, the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6) study reveals that America’s nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $151.7 billion industry—one that supports 2.6 million jobs and generates $29.1 billion in government revenue. “Arts and culture organizations have a powerful ability to attract and hold dollars in the community longer. They employ people locally, purchase goods and services from nearby businesses, and produce the authentic cultural experiences that are magnets for visitors, tourists, and new residents,” said Nolen V. Bivens, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “When we invest in nonprofit arts and culture, we strengthen our economy and build more livable communities.” AEP6 represents a reset from its previous versions, establishing a new benchmark in the AEP study series.

● Social Impact: For the first time, AEP6 expands beyond the economic and financial data to include social impact measurements of the arts and culture’s effect on the well-being of communities and residents.

● Equity and Inclusion: AEP6 broke new ground by prioritizing equity, community engagement, and inclusivity. With the goal of reducing systemic bias, Americans for the Arts transformed its approach and expanded the inclusion and participation of organizations serving or representing BIPOC- (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and ALAANA- (African, Latine, Asian, Arab, Native American) identifying communities.

“The Arts are an essential element to the overall economic health of our engaged community. As a result of our dynamic and diverse footprint we attract global delegations, tourists and partners to our quaint city. St. Pete SHINES because of our brilliant artists. “ - Kimberly Jackson, Board Member of St. Petersburg Arts Alliance & Executive Director of the Institute for Strategic Policy Solution.

Nationally, the extensive research reveals proportional economic and community impacts among attendees at BIPOC and ALAANA organizations to the overall national average. These findings should initiate new, and escalate existing, critical funding conversations about BIPOC and ALAANA organizations receiving fair and proportional financial support.

By measuring the arts and culture’s wide-ranging impact, public and private sector leaders can work together to secure funding and arts-friendly policies that shape more vibrant and equitable communities.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance will hold an invitation-only event for a wide variety of community leaders to discuss an action plan moving forward. The event will be filmed and available as will the full report and summary on November 17. This will begin a campaign for the arts that will result in adequate and sustainable funding.


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