Dear Colleagues, a little over a year ago we launched the Comprehensive Arts Strategy (CAS) and we have come upon a critical juncture.  The Tourism Development Council (TDC) has been approached by Mayor Ken Welch to consider dedicated funding for the arts.  This 1/3 of a penny could result in approximately $5 Million a year with a 5 year commitment.  This action was highlighted within the framework of CAS and we need your help to bring this to fruition.

Attached is a sample email that you can personalize and sent to the following as one email to all County Commissioners :

This cut and paste link will get you to all Tourism Development Council Members:

We cannot guarantee how these funds will be allocated nor to who - but we will suggest to the TDC, the selection of an independent advisory group comprised of art and business leaders, that will ensure the funds create impact and a solid return on the investment that the county can make.  

As a community of art lovers and leaders, I am asking that you take 2 minutes from your day and send your impassioned thoughts to those that will be making this decision in the very near future. 

This will open more doors to us for adequate and sustainable funding for the arts - this is the beginning.  

Terry Marks, CEO
St. Petersburg Arts Alliance