Our new series, "Member Moments" is where the St. Pete Arts Alliance's Board of Directors goes out into the arts community to have one on one interviews with our Arts Business Partner Members.  These video interviews will allow viewers insight into what makes the work of that artist so amazing and how they view the needs of the art community and the way in which SPAA responds to those needs.

Meet Dominice Gilbert, Metal Sculptor and SPAA Board Member, Kelly Lee McFrederick, Broker / Associate and NAR Instructor for Premier Sotheby's International Realty.

“I got the joy of meeting this talented, well-educated, and schooled sculpture artist last week! So lovely to hear from Dominice Gilbert and her belief in the value of the  St. Pete Art Alliance for all artists. She appreciated their support during the last year and how they are currently supporting artists and helping their works to be seen. She is a buff, pretty woman using heavy welding tools, precision metal cutting blades, and flattening rollers all laid out. She is tirelessly working to keep large installations in stock; currently, her large outdoor pieces are in the highest demand.

I also learned Dominice has a worldwide base of private collectors and hotels globally vying for her outdoor sculptures. She keeps an updated and current website of sculptures she is selling currently, and the "Second Saturday ArtWalk" is a true event she gears up for with new artwork, clean studio, rocks raked, and her zen atmosphere prevails. A beautiful outdoor space with the more scaled sculptures located inside the studio, you could tell she curated space to give room to walk around these very interesting sculpture pieces and see the color hues and shapes; she has such a variety of pieces for the walls, standalone, and some creative jewelry niches!

Her mind is very focused and authentic; Dominice creates inspired nature and her own ideas; and with regards to commission work, the ideas have to be her own inspirations and to feel the environment. Dominice is her own creative person and sees the art and the expression of movement and controlled color-thru her eyes and the eyes of nature.”

– Kelly Lee McFrederick