Voice Your Vote Music Video

Filming rapper Trinity Danielle Sanchez in front of “Freeway of Love,” a mural by ZuluPainter dedicated to Aretha Franklin and the rich musical legacy of the Historic Deuces Live Neighborhood of St. Pete.

. . .

St. Pete artist Michelle Passoff organized a team of Tampa Bay singers, songwriters, music and video producers, media, marketing and web designer folks ages 16 to 77 years old to create Voice the Vote, an inspiring music video aimed at sparking voter turnout in November’s election.

Most of her collaborators had never met, before they gathered on Zoom to get started in March.

Their intention is to send a message from Tampa Bay to hometowns big and small around the country – that the time has come to gather friends and families to get out and vote.

The toe-tapping dancehall beat with a bit of rap is sung in Spanish and English. A version of the music video on YouTube accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing community through text captions and American Sign Language.