A Vivid Look at MUSE’s Past. . . and our February 9 MUSE!

MUSE 2018 promises to be a vibrant celebration of the arts, from the prehistoric to the future.

Take a look at these colorful moments from past MUSE festivities. And don’t wait to get your tickets to the February 9, 2018 gala before it sells out once again.

MUSE Awards Video for 2017



Muse Awards video for 2016

MUSE Award video for 2015


Just some of the exciting artists you’ll experience on February 9.  . .
– Derek Donnelly and Marc Levasseur painting live
– Kyu Yamamoto sculpting live
– Paul Wilborn and Eugenie Bondurant singing cabaret
– Kevin Hohl’s electronic painting
– Mitzi Gordon writing custom stories and poems
– A Taiko drum troupe
– Makeup artists creating special effects makeup

and more!  Get your tickets HERE!