The Art of Gathering in a Time of Crisis

Thank you to HowlRound Theatre Commons for sharing the video of this recent conversation.


“For the large majority of arts and culture workers, in-person, relational work is simply essential.

“The COVID-19 crisis has flipped our sector upside down, requiring digital over physical connection. Who are we if we cannot gather in space, and how can this moment of systems change force us to create new shared human experiences?”

Bryan Joseph Lee, leader of The Public Theater’s Public Forum in New York City guides a conversation focused on how artists can cultivate virtual spaces with purpose, intention, and structure.

The conversation will be both tactical (“what is the right platform for the type of gathering I’d like to create?”) and philosophical (“how do I facilitate an online conversation that is accessible, inclusive, anti-racist and anti-oppressive?”) and intended to expand our vision of what is possible in this challenging season and beyond.”

Presented with closed captioning and ASL

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