MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming

Thank you for MUSE 2018!

So many thanks to the good people who attended this year’s MUSE celebration of the arts, and the many hard-working and generous people who helped make this lovely evening happen.

The Museum of Fine Arts was a magical setting for an evening of visual, literary and performing arts revels. And the evening was a gathering of wonderful arts makers and arts supporters.

The event raised over $25,000 to support the many vital programs the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance provides, including

  • The SHINE Mural Festival
  • St. Petersburg Virtual Audio Mural Tour
  • Second Saturday ArtWalk
  • SPF18 Festival of the Arts
  • our Arts & Cultural Online Directory
  • our Studio and Gallery Guide
  • our free ArtBeat newsletter

Enjoy these photos of our 2018 Muse award winners, with thanks to photographers Xina Scuderi & Kyle Fleming, and Tom Kramer.

Charlie Parker - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming
Visual Arts. . .  Charlie Parker
Mark Sforzini - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming
Performing Arts. . .  Mark Sforzini
Sheila Cowley - MUSE 2018 - Tom Kramer
Literary Arts. . .  Sheila Cowley
Sylvia Rusche - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming
Patron of the Arts. . .  Sylvia Rusche
Eugenie Bondurant and Paul Wilborn - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming
Arts Ambassadors. . .  Eugenie Bondurant and Paul Wilborn

See you at MUSE 2019!