St. Petersburg’s vibrant SHINE Mural Festival is an art exhibition that’s open for free, 24-hours a day.


Our annual SHINE celebration is a gathering of artists who add life and color to blank walls around our city center. These striking works of art in unexpected places are a visual feast for residents and visitors – and a major part of what makes St. Pete a City of the Arts.


SHINE is only possible because of individual donations, and the generosity of local business owners opening their space to artists. Each year, we have to raise $125,000 to make SHINE happen.


The festival brings local, national and international artists to St. Petersburg for a week every October. We pay artists a modest stipend and provide lunch, materials and housing while they get inspired by our city, and leave a gift that lasts for years.


That’s a bare-bones budget for the strenuous hard work and skill each artist contributes. Your kind donation makes it possible to buy paint and rent scaffolding and cranes, and add wonderful new artwork to our city streets – art that’s accessible to everyone.


You can help make SHINE 2019 happen, right here.


The 2019 SHINE Mural Festival takes place October 18-26