RFQ for Sarasota Public Art That Reflects on Inclusivity

Deadline: January 7

The Diversity Committee of Sarasota is requesting qualifications from an artist to create a significant commemorative art project for Bayfront Park in downtown Sarasota.

The intent of the artwork is to give the local community and tourists an opportunity to reflect on the City’s path to inclusivity, which honors all citizens of diverse racial, ethnic, disabled and LGBT communities.

The artwork tells the story of the struggle of the City of Sarasota to leave its segregated past through its recent journey to a fully inclusive future.

Artwork shall reflect intensity, emotion and certainty of its efforts. Artwork and the site encourage contemplation.

The City of Sarasota’s recent journey to adopt a formal Human Rights ordinance was intense and driven by strong emotions. In the City of Sarasota 33% of its citizens identify as LGBT.

Budget: $400,000

Details, a site plan and application instructions can be found here.