Residency for Underrepresented Visual Artists, Musicians and Creators

Deadline: November 30

Parse Seco is an experimental creative space and art residency located in the heart of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. Parse Seco provides a unique platform for underrepresented visual artists, musicians and creators to present immersive experiences for the community in an intimate setting.

By providing emerging artists with gallery and work space, housing, curatorial and entrepreneurial training as well as the opportunity to work within a strong artist community, the residency aims to advance the artistic ambitions and opportunities of artists in residence. The program aims to guide and mentor those who may not view artistic expression or artistic professions as obtainable due to their race, sexual orientation, subject matter or income class.

Throughout the tenure of the program, not only will the students receive guidance and support from working community artists and art leaders, but these efforts will be reciprocated through scheduled volunteer workshops and classes with at risk youth and local youth from underrepresented communities.

Details and an online application can be found here.